Zoomer Dog: The Electronic Pooch

zoomer dogIt is more than a toy: Zoomer dog. Dogs are best friends of everyone, so you may want to teach early your kids how to take care of a pet. Spin Master grants your wish, then.

An Electronic Pet

Zoomer dog toy is actually more like the real young dog rather than an electronic toy. Because he responds to your voice commands, you can teach Zoomer everything that a sweet, real puppy should know. He does fun and cool tricks in the same way as the real puppy do, such as sitting, laying down, rolling over, or playing dead. He remembers and imitates every canine movement you teach him, owing to the multiple sensors. He understands your commands in Spanish, French, and English. He in fact enjoys your belly scratch or pet rewards and wags briskly his tail too! Make your moves, and his puppy eyes will follow every of your movement. He even gets bored, wanders off, or pees (not the real one, no need to worry) on your favorite carpets when he thinks you ignore him. When his energy is low, recharge Zoomer, and then play with and train him again.

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Zoomer’s Features

Training tips are downloadable on Android and iOS free app. The devices are sold separately, but the purchase is worth the laughing, running, and playing with this Zoomer dog. Check out these Zoomer’s features.

  • He learns more tricks as you play more with him. He has good memory actually.
  • The tail is flexible – it is the real wag.
  • He can roll over because of the rotational core within.
  • The LED eyes blink naturally. They are also capable to track movements, following wherever you go.
  • Intuitive play is supported with the receiver for voice command.
  • The chest sensors work for sensation as you scratch his belly and tracking objects.
  • Check the tricks on a single button push (on his back).
  • Hypoallergenic, Zoomer is suitable for those who are allergic to things like fur and the like.


Details and Specifications

You cannot help but to expect this Zoomer Robot Dog to act like the real dog. He will come to you when you call his name. In fact, he can sometimes forget things despite of his good memory. Are you wondering more details? Here they are:zoomer dog robot

  • A loving friend for at least 5 year old kids
  • Fun and easy to train
  • Good response on commands and calls
  • Multiple sensors to imitate the real dog motions
  • Barks, wags tail, speaks, and sings
  • Plastic material (100%)
  • Spot cleaning care only
  • Dimensions 8x11x9 inches
  • Weight 1 pounds
  • A built-in Lipo battery, rechargeable
  • A USB cable for charging battery, included
  • An instruction guide, included
  • A reference guide, included

Zoomer Dog Toy : The Best Friend for Kids

Zoomer dog is a Dalmatian puppy. He is affectionate, playful, and so alive with surprises. He does the whole lot that a puppy does, such as panting, speaking, barking, sitting, wagging his tail, shaking one of his paw, or scooting around. What is more, his personality is actually unique and can be so unpredictable every so often. He can be engaged for quite some time, but he also can be bored and fall asleep. He may wander off on his own to explore and nose his adventures. Teach and train him some tricks, and you will find how eager he is to learn. With this smart and talented puppy, soon your kids will be a master trainer. It takes patience though because the little Dalmation Robo Dog can forget one or two things, just like a normal real puppy. If your kids are 5 years or older, Zoomer is going to be a nice gift. Zoomer is available on Amazon for lower price.

Living with the Robot Dog

zoomer dog-boxApart from being your kids’ best friend ever, Zoomer is really a nice dog to live with. Call him when you get home, and he will come to you, following you around. His being smart can go to the extent of ignoring your calls every now and then, taken completely in by his rambunctiousness in a particular thing. Zoomer dog toy does behave so much like the real dog, which means that he loves your attention. In fact, he can say those three words (I-love-you) to you. Zoomer is the real dog without a mess, indeed.

Bring Zoomer Home Today!

Originally made for kids, Zoomer dog is a good start to train your kids to be responsible for their real pets at some point. Zoomer is also an alternative for kids with fur hypersensitivity but desperately want to have a pet on their own.  Besides, the smart Dalmatian puppy will brighten up their imagination and creativity. Have your kids asked for a puppy recently? Then, it is the time to bring Zoomer dog home and adopt him. He will right away be a part of your family.